How Positive Is Your Online Reputation?

Internet searches, social media, review websites, and complaint forums are top of mind activities and destinations as consumers search for the best service at the best price. To stay ahead of your competition you must make reputation management, including a customer review strategy, part of your daily business operation. Let us show you how today!

Do You Know How Your Business Appears Online?

Online Business Snap Shot Audit

You can’t fix things in your business if you don’t know what they are. We identify 5 elements which will help improve your rankings, beat competition, and increase your revenue.

*website audit (step by step outline that figures out what can be done to improve your rankings)
*brand audit (see what people are saying about your company online)
*current ranking (google, bing, yahoo)
*NAP check (this is crucial for ranking- check your name, address, phone for correctness online)
*competitor’s analysis (you must know what your competition is doing to beat them)

*Bonus: Free social media reveal video to use anywhere online
($199.00 flat rate)

Social Media Audit

Did you know improving your business social media accounts can change your businesses bottom line. Social media is not just a nice thing to have but it’s necessary if your business is going to be taken seriously by your potential customers and/or clients.  Social media and business now go hand and hand and this trend is not going anywhere anytime soon so you must get your business social media accounts in order to generate you profits

Your audit will include a detailed 7-10 page social media audit.
Includes up to 5 social media accounts (We do not need log-in credentials)
This audit will outline exactly how you can improve each account.
Includes 30 min consultation via phone or Skype


Are you ready to have your business website up into the top 5 category in your industry on the 1st page of Google. We aim to drive your website to the first page of Google so you customers can pick your business as the first choice every time. Along with your consultation we will need to both do a website audit and analysis before beginning your project.
Consultations are done on Tuesday and Thursday

Google Warning:  Your Website Must Be Secured With HTTPS

Google Has A Warning for All Websites

HTTPS Websites Are Now Mandatory

These Warning Will Have You Lose Customers

This is NOT Optional Anymore

Contact Us Today to Start

If You Do Nothing....You Will Be Penalized!

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INSTALL SSL on Website

Video Ranking on 1st Page of Google

  • Videos on the 1st page of Google will increase your revenue.  Customers who find your product or service will be more prone to click on a video on Page 1

  • Videos make you stand out from the competition and instantly gets the attention of your target audience.  You will have an automatic advantage

  • Videos are so much more memorable compared to traditional types of advertising

  • When used correctly, can be an incredible way to convey a message to your consumers.  Brand your product or service with help of a video which increases your ranking and revenue

Please Note: Monthly fee will be discussed during telephone consultation (Price Varies by Keyword)

Payment Options

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What People Are Saying About Us…

I needed videos that were going to showcase my business in a positive manner. Video Digital Solution took care of all of my business needs in a timely manner. Professional and Cost-Effective videos that I use to get more exposure for my yoga studio. Jamie Mikey

Yoga Instructor, Yoga Loves Me

What is so great about having cool, stylish and attention grabbing videos done by Video Digital Solution is that the price didn’t exceed our marketing budget . As a top notch chiropractor in a major metropolitan city it’s my job to stand out from the competition and my videos give me an unfair advantage..that I love!! Dr. T Marshall


I love the videos which Video Digital Solution produced for my company. As the head of marketing for an accounting firm we increased our social media platforms with a few great “flash videos” and one of them even went viral which brought in an additional $3500 for the company. Video is king and don’t you forget it buddy. Tom Lister

VP of Marketing

Amazing Animations

video digital solution Linkedin  LinkedIn Business Advantage


LinkedIn Accounts

We take your average LinkedIn profile and make it exceptional by improving the overall look and optimization. Do you want your LinkedIn profile to be found in a regular Google search? We can make that happen for your business.  Every business is not eligible for this service so please contact us for additional information.  

Compelling Logo Reveals

Eye Catching Segments

Local Business Commericals

Our Services

  • Custom Video Design
  • Video Marketing
  • SEO Services
  • Mobile Ready Optimized Websites
  • Email Marketing
  • And more…

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