Can a digital agency help my business?

Digital agencies are not necessarily a new thing but recently they’ve become more prevelant online. Every business owner would like to increase their customer base. Unfortunately, most do not know how to achieve this.

With so many options available it can become confusing. Business owners don’t have a lot of time to devote to figuring out their email marketing campaigns, dedicating time to social media engagement or how to rank their website on the first page of Google.

We get it, you just want to take care of the business and cash big check from your clients but to get to that point you need to put in the work to get there. Social media is definitely not the only route to gain immediate marketing glee but it is a very powerful source. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Linkedin, Pinterest well you get the point social signals get possible clients/customers finding you and not the other way around.

What a digital marketing agency can bring is an automated consistent plan that puts you light years ahead of your competition IF you find the right agency. When you pick a digital agency your plan should not be a cookie cutter plan but a customized. Make sure you go over explicitly what you want to achieve with your marketing campaign.  As long as you and your agency are on the same page on how you can improve ranking, visibility, and overall increased revenue you should expect great results in your marketing plan.


Advertise Wise….Aren’t You Tired of Chasing Customers?

Advertise Wise….Aren’t You Tired of Chasing Customers?



Advertise Wise

We have truly come a long way in the advertisement game.  No longer do most clients turn to newspapers or postcards in the mail for what’s the hot new product or service.  It’s the age of social media proof and Instagram views.  Now although that may seem like a horrible thought to some, the reality is that how you advertise your business must change with the times or you are in jeopardy of falling behind.


Now there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  There are still many people who aren’t checking Google or Facebook for everything. The dilemma may be though how do you market to these people if they are in your demographic for your product or service?  Think about it…where are these people and how do you get to them?  I guess you could try to do some face to face marketing at some of your local networking events.  Another thought could be starting a referral incentive program. Give a small percent for every new client brought to you. Last but not least, there’s always good old email marketing.  Only problem a lot of  people ignore email from those they do not know nowadays. Hmm, still stuck?


Well I believer, the key is to go wherever people are already looking for your service.  So for example if you are a professional dog walker…go to the park and strike up conversations with potential clients.  Okay, I’ll give you a better example. Let’s say you are a caterer.  Try  to connect with an event planner and seeing if both of you can be beneficial to each other. It’s always great to connect with individuals in various industries that may need your service and vice versa.

Jenn Williams

Marketing Partner at Empyr

New School Advertising Plan

Video Marketing: A 21st Century Neccessity

Video Marketing: A 21st Century Necessity

You’ve heard the phrase before and you will keep hearing it…video is king. Video marketing has taken off since the times of pushing a big red button on your Polaroid camera back in the 20th century. Now everyone wants to be seen, liked, and followed. Like it or not having a video presence in your business is a 21st century necessity.

Adding video to your website or business social media accounts is a great way to gain both attention and exposure. The most potential customers are discussing your product or service the better chance you have to capitalize on closing the deal. Video is not the only factor for overall success but what it does immediately is give you a chance to be in the game with your competitors. Let’s think about this YouTube has approximately 300 hours of brand new videos that are uploaded to the site every single minute.  If you lack having a strong video marketing then chances are you are already behind the game.

If you can’t afford doing a full blown video marketing campaign then I highly suggest at least getting some tools that can improve you website especially if it’s built on WordPress. There are plenty of themes and plug-ins that can be beneficial to assist with the flow of traffic to your site.  A great one is WordPress Marketing.  Another quick way to add content if you don’t the budget for video production is using  a handy screen capture software. There are plenty out there both free and paid ones. Tinky Take  and GreenShot are decent free options that will get the job done. My all time favorite is FastStone Capture. There’s great options like re-sizing, cropping, converting images to pdf file, and you can even send you image to an email address just to name a few. I would advise to (make sure you are using a non-copyrighted image) and then you can use the built in video editor to brand the image and make it your own. Remember the key is to have a uniformed brand for your business so people can start identifying you. Give video production a try and watch your traffic and conversions increase.