Video Marketing: A 21st Century Neccessity

Video Marketing: A 21st Century Necessity

You’ve heard the phrase before and you will keep hearing it…video is king. Video marketing has taken off since the times of pushing a big red button on your Polaroid camera back in the 20th century. Now everyone wants to be seen, liked, and followed. Like it or not having a video presence in your business is a 21st century necessity.

Adding video to your website or business social media accounts is a great way to gain both attention and exposure. The most potential customers are discussing your product or service the better chance you have to capitalize on closing the deal. Video is not the only factor for overall success but what it does immediately is give you a chance to be in the game with your competitors. Let’s think about this YouTube has approximately 300 hours of brand new videos that are uploaded to the site every single minute.  If you lack having a strong video marketing then chances are you are already behind the game.

If you can’t afford doing a full blown video marketing campaign then I highly suggest at least getting some tools that can improve you website especially if it’s built on WordPress. There are plenty of themes and plug-ins that can be beneficial to assist with the flow of traffic to your site.  A great one is WordPress Marketing.  Another quick way to add content if you don’t the budget for video production is using  a handy screen capture software. There are plenty out there both free and paid ones. Tinky Take  and GreenShot are decent free options that will get the job done. My all time favorite is FastStone Capture. There’s great options like re-sizing, cropping, converting images to pdf file, and you can even send you image to an email address just to name a few. I would advise to (make sure you are using a non-copyrighted image) and then you can use the built in video editor to brand the image and make it your own. Remember the key is to have a uniformed brand for your business so people can start identifying you. Give video production a try and watch your traffic and conversions increase.

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